Install Catia V5 r20 with License Key – Complete Guide

Well, Catia V5 R20 is one of the best softwares when we talk about 3d cad modelling and the surface designing.

Most of the top OEMs uses the CATIA V5 R20 software for their CAD layout works. Well, Catia is mostly renowned for its surface designing module that makes it better in aerospace companies as well.

So being a mechanical or an automobile engineer, its very important that you should know CATIA V5 R20 very well.

So in this article, we will talk about how to install the CATIA V5 R20.

Before Proceeding, it’s important to have the CATIA V5 R20 software with you. If you are using the patched version, you should have the complete setup file.

Alternatively you can get the software by clicking this link.

Note:- The above software should be used for education purpose only.

Installation Process

Well, you should follow the step-by-step process while installing the software to avoid any kinnds of errors.

1) Downloading the software- Catia V5 R20

Well, before any process begins, its important for you to download the software. You can download the software from here. You can ignore this if you already have or already taken the software.

2) Catia V5 Running the setup file

So, Once you have downloaded the software, you can extract the file, and open the setup.exe file.

CATIA setup file

3) Running the installation

Once you open the software setup file, you will get a software installation file appearing, which will look something like below:

Click on Next.

Catia Setup Initiation -2

Again Click Next.

Catia Setup Initiation 3

Now choose your destination folder to install the software at that location.

By default, C-drive will be selected for installation in your computer.

Catia Setup initiation -4

Again one window will appear where you will have to enter the destination location of the environment directory.

By default, it will be C-Drive.

Click on Next.

Catia Setup initiation -5

Click on Next again.

Catia setup installation - 6

Click Next again to enable the software to install completly.

Catia Setup Initiation

Let the ports be as shown above, and click on Next.

Catia Setup Initiation

Well, Ensure all the items are ticked and click on Next.

Catia Setup Initiation

There is no need to install the online document. So do not check the box and click on Next.

Catia Initiation Setup

Now, these are the settings that will be installed on your computer with this software. Click on Install.

Catia Setup begins

Now the setup beings. This will take around 20 to 30 minutues to install the software.

It may even take more time depending on your computer configuration.

Catia Setup completion

So once the setup completes, you will ask to launch the Catia V5 R20. You will have to uncheck this option and click on Finish.

Catia Setup file

Now come back to your catia setup file, and click on the first folder “_SolidSQUAD_CRACK“.

catia SolidSquad patch crack

Copy the JS0GROUP.dll file by right clicking on the file and select copy.

Catia installed software

Now go to the desktop and open the file location of the installed catia software.

Now past the copied file to this location, and click on the replace file in the destination and then click on “Continue”.

Once you have done this, you are almost done with the processes.

Now you can go to your desktop and open the software.

You will now see that you have successfully opened the software and now you are ready to use this software.

Note:- This should only be used for education purpose only.

Installing the Software on your Windows System

Installing the software on Mac

Well, generally Catia V5 R20 is made to run on windows. But you can run this application on your mac as well.

You can refer the below video to understand how to install the CATIA V5 R20 software on you mac.

If you have any doubt in installing the software, you can reach us out on

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Sciemceclear explained very clearly step by step.Great help.

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